........Those Were The Days with the Beach Boys when I played Good Vibrations in the Key of F#......... Doug Dragon
Doug Dragon Touring keyboardist for the Beach Boys. Carmen Dragon was his fatger, Daryl and Dennis Dragon Brothers.

What it was like to catch a wave in the '60s?



Ninja Tune Records uncovers a psychedelic-pop album with a curiously circuitous back story SCOTT THILL
Published on November 15, 2007.

“But maybe that stands to reason.
The record was completed nearly four decades ago....

"Food For My Soul "

BFI Album



The Dragon brothers--Dennis, Daryl and Doug--took off from touring with the Beach Boys in 1969 and pulled drug-free all-nighters recording their premier album BFI--only to have it rejected by record labels and scrapped when Daryl stepped into the limelight as the Captain in the Captain and Tennille. Now, 40 + years later, the album has been rediscovered by psychedelic aficionados and at last released to an outpouring of inquiries about the group's history and a possible future.


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